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Academics & Scholarship

Alpha Gamma Delta establishes a strong academic foundation for all members and encourages them to reach for their best. Our Academic Excellence Team provides members with resources and motivation to excel. They also keep members current on available scholarships, study abroad programs, tutoring assistance, job interview and resume skills training, internships and career counseling.

Academic success is celebrated in Alpha Gamma Delta—both as a group and individually. In addition to chapter-wide recognition for academic achievement, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation awards scholarships to more than 150 deserving sisters across the U.S. and Canada.



Our academic goals as a chapter are:

  • All members reach Strive for Pi, earning a 3.14 GPA each semester
  • Maintain a chapter overall GPA greater than or equal to 3.5 (Dean's List)
  • Every member meets our minimum grade requirements (2.50 GPA)
  • Continue to have the highest GPA of all Greek Organizations on campus
  • Retain a GPA higher than the All Women Average and the All Student Average at Carroll University


Due to the dedication of every woman in our chapter, we have consistently achieved Strive for Pi, having a Chapter GPA greater than 3.14 every semester since spring 2013. In the spring of 2016, 85 percent of our members achieved Strive for Pi (3.14 GPA) and 71 percent made the Dean’s List (3.50 GPA).

We are very proud of our scholastic achievements:

  • Alpha Gamma Delta Academic Excellence Award (2016)
  • Dean's List (Spring 2016)
  • Carroll University Greek Life Intellectual Development Award (2012, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Highest GPA of all Carroll University Panhellenic Council Chapters (every semester since spring 2012)
  • Highest GPA of all Carroll University Greek Life Chapters (every semester since since 2012)
  • Alpha Gamma Delta International Convention Rose Bowl Award (2014, given to a collegiate chapter that has demonstrated a commitment to learning by consistently achieving the highest scholarship performance in the Fraternity throughout the past biennium).

By the Numbers

Alpha Gamma Delta:

  • Spring 2016: 3.581
  • Fall 2015: 3.499
  • Spring 2015: 3.469
  • Fall 2014: 3.407

Carroll University Panhellenic Council Average (All Greek Women):

  • Spring 2016: 3.434
  • Fall 2015: 3.339
  • Spring 2015: 3.315
  • Fall 2014: 3.292

Carroll University Unaffiliated Women:

  • Spring 2016: Data unavailable
  • Fall 2015: 3.340
  • Spring 2015: 3.347
  • Fall 2014: 3.292

High Standards

From the date of its founding in 1904, Alpha Gamma Delta has maintained high standards of scholarship. Each chapter is expected to attain a high scholastic standing among the sororities on its campus; each member is expected to do her best academically as a matter of personal pride.

The International Scholarship Rules of the Fraternity require each chapter (both initiated members and new members) to maintain a combined 2.90 grade point average (GPA) on a 4.0 scale for each calendar year. The individual GPA requirement for all initiated members and new members to remain in Good Standing with the Fraternity is a 2.50 on a 4.0 scale for each term of the academic year.

Alpha Gamma Delta was the first National Panhellenic Conference member to set specific scholastic goals for each of its chapters. To attain these goals, the Beta Epsilon Chapter participates in Scholarship Programming such as “Academic Families”, where women can study and find help from those who share their major in the Chapter and incentive programs to keep the girls on track. The ladies of Beta Epsilon can often be found studying together in the Learning Commons of the Library, in our Wright House office or McCall suite.